I’ve written here several times about the incredible moths that seem to flock to our house. Most mornings we find them near and around our front door and in the afternoons they rest on the cool glass of our kitchen windows. At the start of this project I photographed several moths shortly after they died. The one featured in this prompt I saw fall from the sky. It was sad and amazing and a very tender thing to witness. Later, I began to see moths seemingly everywhere. Just a few months ago I began experimenting to see if they would allow me to photograph them alive. The moths on the windows were easy, I placed a white piece of paper on the opposite side of the window and ran outside to gently capture them at rest. The moths by the front of the house would require a bit more patience. Often times they land on the white molding that surrounds our front door. Again, easy. But every so often a moth so extraordinarily beautiful will rest on our front steps. Just a few weeks ago I tried placing a white piece of paper gently down next to them and walked away. Out of the three moths I have made this curious offering, all three have later in the day climbed upon the paper and allowed me to quietly and gently take their picture. I’m not sure what to think about all this. It’s quite a curious scenario. Moths are said to symbolize mutually destructive characteristics. Faith, determination and destruction. Faith and determination as they move toward the light and destruction as they persist in moving toward a light even if that light is a flame. It’s an interesting paradox and one that reminds me so well of the psychoanalytic continuum. I suppose we all slide along the line between faith and destruction. Seems fitting considering our current shared circumstances. Today, I choose faith.

@blueshineart shared some beautiful moths for the prompt today from her morning art class. Swipe to see the pretty little creatures.

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