What follows is the research about SADNESS I pulled together for JOY IS NOW Episode 68 with SAMANTHA RUBLE.   SADNESS Many years ago when I was in private practice, I shared a sentiment that proved to be extremely effective in helping my patients gain perspective. And it was this, “it would be weird if you weren’t.”   I discovered after working with patients of all ages and varied concerns that a lot of the time, we equate normal with only feeling happy. And that’s just not the case. Normal, if there even is such a one dimensional thing, actually consists of a multitude of emotions. Healthy, from a psychological perspective means we are impacted by our internal and external life...

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Why Astronauts Wear Socks: Psychology + Gravity My daughter is of the age where facts are paramount. She loves facts. They are important. They feel safe. They are indisputable. Before bed a few nights ago, we were reading one of those thick books of facts for kids about science. My husband and I trying not to fall asleep as she attentively absorbed each and every fact shared about space, space shuttles and the density of planets. We reached a section full of fun facts about all the strange little things astronauts have to consider in zero gravity. It's enormous enough of an idea to have gotten both tired parents' attention. My daughter was simply transfixed. Turns out, without gravity EVERYTHING...

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