We have spoken about ANGER a few times on JOY IS NOW and I can see that it is going to be a recurring emotion for discussion. It’s so pivotal and important and something that we don’t talk about often, especially as women. Or maybe we do talk about it with each other, but those conversations are never placed front and center. So let’s put them there starting now. Our last ANGER discussion focused on rage with guest Sharon Zimmerman, and I invite everyone to give a listen to that episode. She and I discuss a lot of neurology and the pathway that anger sparks and the flight or fight circuit it creates physiologically. Dr. Ryan Martin came up and...

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"Anger doesn't happen in a vacuum," says Dr. Ryan Martin, anger researcher at University of Wisconsin at Green Bay.   Anger arrives with other emotions. Anger is how we are feeling in that moment plus whatever is provoking our anger. This equation has everything to do with the level of anger we express.  The results from a provocation like being stuck in traffic, combined with a pre-anger state like anxiety are dependent upon our appraisal of the situation. Is this good or bad? Is this fair or unfair? How unfair is this?  Our ability to cope or emotionally regulate what is provoking our pre-anger state is what determines the intensity of our anger. And it looks like this: Can we cope?...

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