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I am excited to host: for a THESE THREE THINGS segment discussion, born and raised in Hawaii, mother of two, and founder of the incredible clean skincare line Kulia, JASMINE KEENEY. We talk about the process of internal work and change and Jasmine shares her personal experience with Inner Space Therapy. Fascinating stuff!  She says, "Deal with the past to move forward." Right on! Join us it's a good one.  This has been JOY IS NOW with me, Lisa Anderson Shaffer, LMFT. You can find me for hire at LISAANDERSONSHAFFER.COM along with patronage support for this podcast and my daily practice journal, THESE THREE THINGS. You can also follow along with my musings at @lisaandersonshaffer on Instagram. A special thanks to my affiliate friends at OSEA - the makers of clean...

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T H E   P O D C A S T  For the first THEORY episode of SEASON 2 I decided to do a little something different. This episode is a reading from my daily writing mediation project and book, THESE THREE THINGS. I have been writing three things I learn each day every single day for nearly 5 years. It is a practice that has transformed my life, ad one that has had many different iterations over these past years. Most recently, I felt the need to write longer pieces that I work on each day and then publish at the week's end in the Lisa Anderson Shaffer Newsletter. This episode is a reading of one of my essays, along...

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