A DIFFERENT DECEMBER   This December marks the first holiday season in 12 years that I have not been at the helm of a product based business.  Most small businesses can expect to make a considerable percentage of their annual income during this time. There were some years at Zelma Rose where I would make up to 50% of my annual income in Q4 depending upon how many events I was able to squeeze in plus publicity and of course a bit of luck. I would start planning for Q4 in July with production schedules, wholesale orders, lining up events and making my best informed guess as to what would be a best seller between October and December. It was...

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In 2010, shortly before my daughter was born, I received a really valuable piece of advice from a hairstylist. I was getting my haircut while talking through an internal conflict I had about not really wanting to return to my psychotherapy practice as a mom. I had spent months going over the data of what returning to my private practice would look like. On paper it was dismal. With paying for my office, insurance, childcare and transportation, along with what I imagined to be a manageable caseload with a new baby, I was looking at clearing $75 a week. I should add that at the time I was charging $150 an hour, which was at the higher end of the ...

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