Thanks to everyone who sent comments and questions inspired by last week’s newsletter. A lot of responses focused on the nervous system, so I thought I’d spend this week illuminating how and why the nervous system is such a big deal.    The nervous system is a MOOD. I’ve spent the last 6 months doing a deep dive into the how and why of this delicate and powerful system and I’ll say this, she’s a bit of a temperamental bitch. There are many entry points to understanding how this incredible system both serves us and holds us back, but let’s start with the basics.    When I refer to the nervous system, I’m talking about the sympathetic and the parasympathetic...

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This week marks the end of JOY IS NOW Season 3. There is a lot to say about this JOY adventure and I make a few surprising announcements on the podcast today, so I wanted to share them here too. In words because sometimes words just hit different.    Here we go!   I think it's safe to say that the last 3 years have been, well, interesting. I guess that’s a pretty optimistic perspective. How about shit storm, cluster fuck, dumpster fire? That seems more fair. Time has become a really strange concept. I’m not sure if you feel that too. There were many days that moved so slowly. I was so, so scared. More recently though, it feels...

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