Concluding a 12 year life chapter is humbling. As the weeks progress I've had many feelings about my life and time at Zelma Rose. Mostly all good, coupled by some disorienting realizations, and lots of relief. I'm being patient with the unfolding and working very hard at not sprinting off to the next adventure. I'm historically terrible at doing this, I'm a super excitable person and stillness does not come easy to me.  So I am practicing it and failing a lot.    On a recent and wild dive into the world of Human Design, I came upon the idea of receivership. Energetically speaking, there are two modes of being. Output and input. And the two cannot happen at the...

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It's not often I enjoy every piece of music created by a musician I admire. But Khalid snuck up on me. And in the most welcome of ways.    I first heard Khalid in duet with Billie Eilish. Together they offer a set of beautifully wilting vocals calling upon isolation and longing in the song LOVELY.  After hearing the song for the first time, I inevitably went on a rabbit hole deep dive in the hopes of finding more Khalid out there. And that deep dive did not disappoint.    I discovered a duo of incredibly rich and diverse albums along with song after song of collaborations with some of my other favorite artists. Some songs with upbeat and pop sounds...

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