I have always been envious of true believers on Etsy. The shops that sell religious inspired quotes, tshirts, prints and the like. Artists of faith seem to have less resistance when surrendering their artistic process to a higher purpose. Like they paint because of God’s will, or they sell bible quote pot holders because it is their life’s purpose. It brings them closer to God. As an artist, this mindset seems truly beneficial. To separate the artist from the responsibility or the burden of inspiration and ingenuity resting solely on their shoulders. If God is involved then it is not their process to bear alone. And I suppose that is one of the strongest offerings of belief. You are not...

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I’ve been studying the way people learn and lead for a while now and it’s taught me quite a bit about how we integrate information. Or don’t. I speak with my mentorship clients often about the importance of understanding how we learn. I like to use the example of the Tortoise and the Hare (you can listen to an entire JOY episode about it here). Truth be told that fable is bullshit and both win the race. They just run in different ways. For some, slow and steady is a death sentence. For others feeling the pressure and stress from an impending deadline is paralyzing. Both answers are right. The key is understanding which style works best for you and then...

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The morning my daughter was born, as I was holding her to my chest for the very first time, the doctor leaned in toward my husband and I to share some sage advice. "It's your job to worry," he said to me. Then turning toward my husband, "it's your job to take care of her while she worries."  As we sat there in the hospital gazing upon this beautiful little new being, the doctor's words floated away in the air. I watched him leave the room and shortly after, we were tasked with what would become years of all the little things one does to and for a small child.    It was a beginning.  A big one.  And worry...

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