In 2010, shortly before my daughter was born, I received a really valuable piece of advice from a hairstylist. I was getting my haircut while talking through an internal conflict I had about not really wanting to return to my psychotherapy practice as a mom. I had spent months going over the data of what returning to my private practice would look like. On paper it was dismal. With paying for my office, insurance, childcare and transportation, along with what I imagined to be a manageable caseload with a new baby, I was looking at clearing $75 a week. I should add that at the time I was charging $150 an hour, which was at the higher end of the ...

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This week marks the end of JOY IS NOW Season 3. There is a lot to say about this JOY adventure and I make a few surprising announcements on the podcast today, so I wanted to share them here too. In words because sometimes words just hit different.    Here we go!   I think it's safe to say that the last 3 years have been, well, interesting. I guess that’s a pretty optimistic perspective. How about shit storm, cluster fuck, dumpster fire? That seems more fair. Time has become a really strange concept. I’m not sure if you feel that too. There were many days that moved so slowly. I was so, so scared. More recently though, it feels...

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