Back in February, my friend Blythe presented me with an opportunity to jump off a cliff. Not literally of course, but an energetic leap nonetheless. One that would have me jumping back into the studio as a fine artist. At this point I had just made the decision to close Zelma Rose in the spring. The decision was not public yet, but I had started the process of moving my energy from one path to another. I didn’t imagine I would be visiting my artistic studio process for some time. And this felt right, but also made me feel a bit unsettled.    I’ve wrestled with the fine artist in me before. She’s a fucking wolf. She’s demanding. And she...

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Samantha and I were introduced by a mutual friend earlier this year. Our first conversation was via email and I could tell how we were racing to respond back and forth with each other, we already felt like old friends. Add to our easy back and forth a shared history at RISDI and I felt like Samantha knew a part of me that comes from deep within.    For both of us, going to art school was a revolutionary act. One that continues to inform our lives in ways we have yet to discover. There are few people who can understand the obsession of spending an entire summer drawing cross sections of broccoli. Or can remember the smell of the...

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