I'm a big fan of excellence in the field. Whether it is Serena Williams, Marc Jacobs, Kamala Harris, or Mariano Rivera, I dig on people kicking ass at what they do. And I LOVE when the excellence comes through no matter my individual taste or preference. If I can appreciate the craft and talent but not fully enjoy the product, that's a double dose of inspiration for me. It means that the individual is so refined in their skill, it doesn't even matter if I like what they do, appreciating their expertise feels just as good. 
Enter Ed Sheeran. 
I am incredibly inspired by Ed Sheeran but I don't love his music. What I do love is that he can craft the perfect pop song. He's truly excellent in this way. I find myself pleased when one of his songs finds it's way to my playlist. Sooner or later I am singing along. Simply because his method works. The dude knows how to write an easy to listen to ear worm. And he does this over and over again. So well, that I'm sure I could sing along to at least 5 or 6 songs on each one of his albums without ever having sought out the opportunity to get to know them. His music simply happens around me and I'm cool with that. His songs don't move me, the way Khalid, Led Zeppelin, or Joni Mitchell might, but that doesn't mean his skill is not as refined. I find joy in knowing that he is out there being the best at writing a catchy pop song. Cheers, Ed. You do you. 
Who is your Ed Sheeran?

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