It's not often I enjoy every piece of music created by a musician I admire. But Khalid snuck up on me. And in the most welcome of ways. 
I first heard Khalid in duet with Billie Eilish. Together they offer a set of beautifully wilting vocals calling upon isolation and longing in the song LOVELY.  After hearing the song for the first time, I inevitably went on a rabbit hole deep dive in the hopes of finding more Khalid out there. And that deep dive did not disappoint. 
I discovered a duo of incredibly rich and diverse albums along with song after song of collaborations with some of my other favorite artists. Some songs with upbeat and pop sounds and others with such subtle and soft back beats that they require an auditory intimacy to fully experience. 
I cannot say for sure what it is about Khalid's voice or song writing that gets me, but I do know that listening to his music always brings joy. And not singular small joy, but big joy.  Joy that allows for longing, hope, despair, love, and heartache. 
We often have Khalid on shuffle at home or in the car, which for album purists is a rare act. And in the studio, I often find hours have passed simply singing along or taking moments to really listen and be swept away in his world. 
And being swept away right now is a good thing. 
Give a listen and let me know what you think.

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