In the interest of keeping the conversation going about the differences between treatment, help, and support (listen to JOY episode 50 to be in the know), I thought I would share an article from Well + Good contributing writer Vivian Nunez. Vivian is a freelance writer focusing on topics in health and wellness. She's a wonderful writer, asks great questions, and collects treatment based suggestions and analysis from experts in the field of mental health, health, and wellness. I find her articles to be friendly, but also accurate, as she quotes sources who offer suggestions and ideas from the clinical realm. In other words she's not looking to influencers for tips and tricks on how to solve you latest mental health crisis. Spoiler alert, feeling things is not a problem to be solved. 

The article, about what Nunez refers to as a "shortened emotional runway,” offers straightforward insight as to why many of us feel like we have less emotional capacity these days. We've been through a hell of a lot, and continue to face grief and uncertainty on the daily. A discussion of the often exhausting reality and recommendations on moving forward is timely.  

Truth be told, I'm quoted in the article, I often provide Nunez with my take on her topics, but what I love is that she regularly sites experts, organizations, and studies, making it clear to her readers that her writing is more on the science side of wellness rather than the sexy. Click the button below to read. Reply to this email with your thoughts. I'd love to hear your take. 



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