Sharon Zimmerman is a Bay Area metalsmith, ethical jewelry designer, small business consultant and educator, and total 100% unabashed JOY. Sharon has appeared twice on JOY, episode 4 featuring a discussion about RAGE and episode 39 featuring a discussion about MONEY. In general I know Sharon to be all in when it comes to life. She is authentic, incredibly intelligent, and one hundred percent unapologetic about being a super star, kick ass woman. A conversation with Sharon means finding humor in the absurdities of the human condition, enthusiasm for taking action against injustices, and drawing well researched conclusions about what Marvel Universe character is the most desirable. It's always a good conversation. Mostly though, Sharon inspires me as an activist. She has a willingness and ease in being uncomfortable and having the tough conversations. Where some turn a blind eye, Sharon moves forward lifting others along the way. Sharon Zimmerman is JOY. 



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